Course Description: The course provides an overview of the concepts and theories of operating systems. Examines the major components found in all operating systems including the memory, process manager, and device and file managers. Networking and the Internet will also be presented, as these technologies are supported by modern operating systems. Practical examples would be presented on Linux and MS Windows

Course Statement of Objectives: The course will provide a working foundation in the basics of single-processor computer operating systems.

Schedule of sessions :

Week 1 Introduction and basic OS concepts - The shell, I/O, file system, memory management and processor management

Week 2 User interfaces, looking at Windows and Linux

Week 3 OS internals part one, looking at the Intel architecture

Week 4 OS internals part two, looking at Windows 2000 and Linux

Week 5 Networks and the client/server OS

Week 6 Windows 2000 Server

Week 7 The Internet

Week 8 Course review