Course Description : In this course students examine the various technologies and applications of telecommunications. The course provides an analysis of the current and future trends in telecommunication technologies and services and includes an overview of the industry and the associated management and strategy issues.

Course Statement of Objectives:

At the completion of this course this student will be able to: • Explain current network standards • Explain the physical propagation of data through a network • Explain Ethernet LAN architecture • Explain TCP/IP Internetworking • Explain wireless networks • Explain Quality of Service • Discuss Networked Applications

Schedule of sessions :

Week 1 Course overview Introduction to Telecommunications Network Standards An Introduction to Networking Network Standards

Week 2 Physical Layer Propagation Ethernet LANs Physical Layer Propagation Ethernet LANs

Week 3 Ethernet LANs continued Wireless LANs Ethernet LANs Wireless LANs

Week 4 Telecommunications

Week 5 Wide Area Networks

Week 6 TCP/IP Internetworking

Week 7 An Introduction to Telecommunications Security

Week 8 Future technologies, Term Paper Presentations