Course description : Covers the basic concepts involved in systems analysis, including effective communication, analysis tools, and phases of the systems development life cycle.

Course Statement of Objectives:

At the completion of this course this student will be able to:

1. Identify various technologies used in the information systems area.

2. Identify phases of system development life cycle.

3. Identify components of a business information system

4. Name and define different types of information systems

5. Identify the importance of documenting, modeling, and prototyping in a classical system development life cycle

6. Identify the components of an Entity Relationship Diagram and Data Flow Diagram.

7. Recognize errors in a ERD and DFD

8. Define the problem solving process conducted in a system development life cycle

9. Identify activities in a information system project system development life cycle

10. Identify tools and techniques used in a classical systems development life cycle.

11. Develop simple documentation for the basic activities conducted in a systems development life cycle.
Schedule of sessions :

Week 1 Introduction and system development life cycle- - Systems development tools and techniques -Systems development methods -SDLC phases -Case studies

Week 2Requirements modeling -Analyzing the business case -Joint Application Development (JAD) -Rapid Application Development (RAD) -Case studies

Week 3 Enterprise modeling -Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD) -Data flow Diagrams (DFD) -Data dictionary -Process descritpion tools -Development strategies -Cost-benefit analysis

Week 4 Development strategies -Development strategies -Cost-benefit analysis - Prototyping

Week 5 Systems design - Data design -DBMS components -Data relationships -Case studies

Week 6 System architecture -Enetrprise Resource Planning (ERP) -Processing methods -Impact of the Internet -Case studies

Week 7 System implementation, operations and support -Quality assurance -Testing -Documentation -Case studies

Week 8 Course review and Final exam