Course Description : This course will study the leading-edge mobile computing technologies for professional software developers. The course will be hands-on and project-based. The central focus of the course is to enable the understanding and critical evaluation of mobile applications.

Course Statement of Objectives:

At the completion of this course:

1. Student will be able to design fundamental mobile applications

2. Student will be able to explain mobile application design principles

3. Student will be able to apply design knowledge to application development
4. Student will be able to explain application development process

Schedule of sessions :

Week 1 Introduction to SDK and Xcode The Basics of objective-C programming Data types and variables Expressions Flow control Loop

Week 2 Introduction to classes, objects, and methods Inheritance In Class Lab: An Objective-C class for working with fractions

Week3 Working with files In Class Lab: NSData Class Basic File Operation: NSFileHandle

Week 4 Memory Management In Class Lab: Autorelease Pool Garbage collection

Week 5 Putting everything together: iPhone/iPad SDK In Class Lab: Creating a Fraction_Calculator project

Week 6 Apple iPhone Platform the UIKit for Interfaces Event Handling and Graphics Services In Class Lab: Layer Animation Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern Add image and button action to application

Week 7 · iOS Design principles: Interface (UI) Development for Mobile Apps User Interface Frameworks Gesture‐based interfaces In Class Lab: Add user settings and gestures Split view controller and master view Selection responding Debugging and use debugger Testing views

Week 8 Course overview and final exam