Course Description: In this course, students examine the various technologies and applications of telecommunications. The course provides an analysis of the current and future trends in telecommunication technologies and services and includes an overview of the industry and the associated management and strategy issues.

Course Objectives:

The course is designed to help students meet the following major objectives:

a. To introduce fundamental concepts in telecommunications so that students will have the basis for understanding new and more complex services.

b. To explore the language and significance of important telecommunication technologies.

c. To provide explanations of the technologies through examples of applications and historical highlights.
Schedule of sessions :

WEEK 1 Introduction and Course Overview Fundamentals of telecommunications Basic Concepts Telephone Systems and Cabling

WEEK 2 Telecommunications Industry Overview Regulatory Affairs Network Service Providers and Local Competition The Public Network

WEEK 3 Advanced Technologies Specialised Network Services

Modems and Access Devices

WEEK 4 The Internet

WEEK 5 Wireless Services

WEEK 6 Telecommunications Convergence Converging Technologies, Company Convergence, Services Convergence

WEEK 7 Globalization issues and telecommunications Deregulation, Digital Divide, Health and Social Issues

WEEK 8 Fieldtrip: Visit to the ITU Telecom World 2003

WEEK 9 Presentation of Term papers Course Review