Course description In this course students examine a variety of topics related to the use of the Internet for IT and Telecommunications management. Among the topics are electronic commerce, search engines and search strategy, principles of Web design and use, Internet services and Internet applications, Intranets and extranets for organizational communications. Anticipated future developments will also be considered. The course material will be handed to students and will consist of articles, corporate white papers and case studies. Each topic will be illustrated with practical examples and best practices will be discussed. During the course students will participate in group exercises where each student would take a different it team function to simulate corporate environment and become aware of formal as well as informal management concerns. Corporate visits and presentations are envisaged.

Statement of objectives By the end of this course students will be able to give answers to following questions:

- How to support Internet-Centric business plan as IT and Telecommunication manager?

- How to efficiently and securely exploit the Internet as source for getting information and mean for providing corporate information?

- How to develop corporate Internet strategy and get ready for future technologies?

Schedule of sessions : 1. Intranets and extranets for organizational communications 2. Search engines and search strategy 3. Corporate Web presence 4. Network directory services 5. Corporate e-mail/groupware 6. Principles of Web design and use 7. Electronic commerce and security 8. Anticipated future development