The first 100 days of the next generation CISO

Whether you are starting a new job, or engaging with a new customer in the role of a CISO- as-a- Service you are facing the challenge of how to effectively and efficiently identify areas of critical importance, establish partnership with key stakeholders, identify crown jewels within organizational value chain, map business risk to technology risk, and finally define and implement sound information security strategy that would foster security as a business enabler and not an obstacle.

Key takeaways:

- Effective communication examples with key partners such as Business process owners, Chief internal auditor/investigator, Chief enterprise risk officer, Legal advisor, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief of human resources, Ethics officer, Data privacy officer, and other.

- What are useful documents that can provide insights to critical business processes and related crown jewels.

- How to leverage innovative technology and processes such as machine learning to identify areas of critical importance and related key roles?

- How to build a successful security team?

Presentation slides: The first 100 days of next generation CISO

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